Content Licensing & Business Partners

FlixU would love to offer content licensing of our movie library and music catalog. Our video catalog includes 20,000 hours of video, including more than 1,500 music documentaries, as well as 15,000 music tracks (songs). We have digital rights for all of our content, and we offer music licensing and movie licensing. We specialize in third party content licensing since we have very competitive prices.

Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Britney Spears, Jay Z & Rihanna

Furthermore, FlixU is a leader in innovative digital content distribution and monetization ways. We distribute our content via our own apps, our TV streaming devices and our White Label VOD platform.


Business Partners

FlixU is interested in working with business partners who specialize in the digital content world:

  • Content Owners – producers, record labels, musicians, video & film producers, distributors, catalog owners
  • Content publishers and e-Tailers – music & video digital stores, music & video services, apps, consumer websites, online TV
  • Developers & entrepreneurs – web Services and apps, mobile apps, games (casual & consoles)
  • Advertisers



FlixU offers two main advertising methods:

  1. Insert adverts within our movie and music apps, which will display during the video, before or after the video starts or finishes playing.
  2. Create a customized VOD movie library via our White Label VOD platform iMoviesBox. This VOD movie library can be monetized in a variety of ways, such as Pay per View or subscription. Our VOD platform enables the option of creating a branded VOD platform of your own, with your design preferences and logo.


Check out the FlixU Catalog and fill in your name and email to get full access to our digital content.


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