White Label VOD Platform

iMoviesBox, a white label VOD platform, was created with the purpose of supplying users with an unprecedented selection of legal and affordable full-length movies. The movies are offered for the small price of $0.99 per 48 hours rent, or a full month subscription for $5.99, which include all videos, with a free 5 minutes preview for all users.

What is a White Label VOD Platform?

iMoviesBox lets you run your own branded video store, which is basically a VOD platform. It allows you to sell videos and make your share of revenues with a distance of a click. You can try and create a live demo of iMoviesBox.

iMoviesBox - White Label VOD Platform

iMoviesBox enables your own branded VOD platform to sell over 3,000 video titles from different genres:

  • 335 action films
  • 570 classic films
  • 440 horror films
  • 210 documentary films
  • 667 music concerts
  • 304 drama films



  • Design & Branding – a great product needs to be complemented with a remarkable branding. iMoviesBox also allows you to fully customize your movie library.
  • User Friendly Interface – one of the most important criteria for us is a great user experience. We design our interfaces with the user in mind; we test them and conduct usability sessions.
  • Film Selections – customize your site content by choosing categories to view on your online movie library. There are 13 available categories to choose from.
  • Revenues – iMoviesBox share 20% of revenues with VOD platform owners. You can view the number of transactions made from your account in the admin panel.
  • Pricing – creating a VOD site is 100% FREE. Your customers will pay $0.99 per film rental or $5.99 for unlimited monthly views
  • Social Networks – you can connect your social networks to your VOD site. We recommend making sure your users become a community.


How does it work?

iMoviesBox acquires license to thousands of videos for online streaming, and develops the technology in order to stream and publish content online in the form of an online movie library. iMoviesBox has developed a White Label VOD platform in order to allow you to stream videos and receive revenue share for each rental of video or subscription. In order to do so, you can register to iMoviesBox. After registration, the user, who will become a video affiliate, will gain maximum customization of design and content, and will allow iMoviesBox to share revenues using PayPal.


How do I receive my revenue share?

Users are eligible to withdraw their revenue share when gaining a balance of 100$ or more. A request to withdraw, including the user’s PayPal Email address (supplied in the application settings), should be sent to [email protected]. Revenue share will be sent to the client via PayPal services. PayPal allows to withdraw funds easily into your bank account or credit card balance.


How much can I earn?

The more paying viewers visit your VOD site, the more you could gain from iMoviesBox. For example:

  • 10 New subscribers a day – 2,000-5,000$ annual business
  • 100 New subscribers a day – 20,000-50,000$ annual business
  • 1000 New subscribers a day – 200,000-500,000$ annual business

Is it hard to get 10 new subscribers a day? Not at all , it depends on how much you advertise your VOD platform.



We offer several pricing methods:

  • Pay-per-view – one video unlimited access for 48 hours only – $0.99.
  • Subscription – full unlimited all videos included monthly access, view as much as you like – $5.99 per month. There are no cancellation fees, although there are no refunds for partial months.
  • Special deals (applies only to non-subscribers)– half price one video unlimited access for 48 hours only – $0.49. We offer five different features each month.
  • Movie of the month – totally Free complimentary unlimited access to all users.


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