FlixU is offering digital content that will be incorporated into the tablets imported. The tablet is one of the TV streaming devices, acting as an alternative to cable TV. The content applications will be movie apps in different genres, as well as music apps. These applications will be act as TV channels. The subscribers to the tablet apps will get 1 month subscription for free to unlimited number of movies. 


  • After the first month, each subscriber to the tablet apps will pay $7-15 per app sold per month, the average will be $10 per tablet x 12 months=120 Dollars
  • There will be an option to sell “product of the month” via the app, 10 dollars product x3 (assuming 25% will buy a product in a year)
  • There will be a possibility to sell the next generation of tablets, which will produce $75 per sale
  • Another option is to sell tickets to shows of groups on the music apps, which can bring $100 per subscriber


FlixU will supply all content for the tablets, and will be responsible for all mechanism of subscription management, as well as to bill customers, to raise or lower prices, take off or add products and be in control of the content and pricing. The customer will pay FlixU their monthly share.


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