Set Top Box

FlixU is offering a set top box, which is the best streaming device today, including features such as 400 legal broadcast channels, 6 movie channels, Android apps and the facility to upload and download your favorite Android apps. The FlixUBox comes preloaded with the most popular Android apps. Customers can stream movies from an SD card to their television set.
FlixU is offering your very own custom made box that includes your favorite channels and 20 movie, video and music channels. The FlixUBox can be updated within seconds. All you need to do is connect your keyboard, mouse and/or other USB connectable device to the FlixUBox and you have everything your current cable company can offer you and more in this one box, for a fraction of the price. 

The FlixU Box offers 500 streaming channels, 15 movie channels and in the near future many other niche channels such as Poker, an “Exercise Diva” Channel, Music interviews (Bio), Music clips, live Concerts, Indie Producers channel, Kids Programs, Animations, Anime, new HD Japanese films, Fishing and many more. Customers will be able to get a load of channels tailored to their own interests with no obligation and no complications for as low as $15 monthly.



  • 10 new subscribers a day bring $800 thousand yearly business
  • 100 new subscribers a day brings $8 million yearly business
  • 1,000 New subscribers a day bring $80 million yearly business
  • A few good movies, sold digitally in the USA or worldwide, can bring $100 million in gross income
  • The “FlixU Android Box” with over 500 live TV channels can bring 1,000s of new subscribers a daySet Top Box - Best Streaming Device


Why pay crazy fees to your cable company, when you can pay a very low monthly fee for access to 100s of channels and choose from 250,000 apps, watch Netflix, Hulu or any channel you like? Why add huge additional charges to your hotel bill just to watch movies? Take your FlixUBox with you, simply plug it in and enjoy 100s of channels.


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